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2011 film lineup

All VF11 screenings will be held at the Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street, corner of Laight Street) - Tickets may be purchased online in advance. Instructions on how to purchase and obtain tickets will be available once you click the link to purchase your desired tickets. All seating is on a first come, first served basis and you must pick up your tickets at least 15 minutes prior to show time. No late seating will be allowed. All programs are preceded by the VF11 trailer and followed by a Q&A session with present cast/crew, whenever time allows.
General Admission - $12.00  (with the exception of opening night program, which is $15.00 and includes after-party admission)
The BUY TICKETS link will become inactive and will be replaced by a SOLD OUT tab once tickets are no longer available for a specific program.
Scroll all the way down for details on our brand new SIDEBAR VISION SHOWCASE, which is a collection of films being shown in a looped program throughout the duration of the film festival in our Bar Lounge & Waiting Areas. 


PROGRAM 01 -- 8:00pm -- Tribeca Cinemas 1

FIGHTING FISH D: Annette Apitz - 84min. Narrative Feature
A brother and sister must overcome their tempestuous past in order to find true love and have a chance at real happiness. A story about love, family, and other complications.  [more info]

Your Program 01 tickets will entitle you to admission to this after-party, which immediately follows the screening, as the audience spills out into the Tribeca Main Lounge. There will be a full cash bar available and some delicious drink specials, including the famous BLURRY VISION.


PROGRAM 02 -- 7:00pm -- TC 1   (90min)

CHOW BELLA D: Maggie Mahrt - 7min. Narrative Short
Sophia is hungry to find love. She conducts a series of blind dates in order to find Mr. Right. [more info]
BELOW NEW YORK D: Matt Finlin - 28min. Documentary
A unique and stylized look at some of New York City's finest subway performers, musicians and artists. Through a series of polished vignettes, the film draws the audience into the amazing lives these local performers lead, and how their quest for a venue and sustenance adds a truly wonderful aesthetic to one of the greatest cities in the world. [more info]
RETT D: Jason Rem - 53min. Documentary
The story behind Rett Syndrome is complicated. This film highlights three families whose daughters are afflicted by Rett and the scientists who are working on a cure. [more info]

PROGRAM 03 -- 7:15pm -- TC 2   (110min)

ANDRE D: Christopher Fernandez - 11min. Narrative
After a workplace affair, Andre has fallen in love with his boss, Lynne. When Lynne recommits herself to her husband, Andre is left emotionally damaged. His attempts to win Lynne back fail and he is further hurt and alienated when she has him fired. He goes into work emotionally distraught and determined to exact his revenge on Lynne.
FURTHER LANE D: Mesh Flinders - 13min. Narrative
A wealthy family starts to suspect the caretaker at their beach house of doing a bit more than caretaking while they're gone. [more info]
EXCLUSIVE D: Elan Golod - 13min. Narrative
Still broken up about his recent breakup, Ben Miller becomes an unlikely hero when he rescues a young woman being assaulted in the street outside his home. After first resisting the media spotlight, he then agrees to discuss the incident on TV with Talia Morgan, an up-and-coming local reporter anxious to score her first exclusive. [more info]
PHAROS D: McGraw Wolfman - 13min. Narrative
An astronaut stranded on a now dead Earth struggles with his sanity and a botched mission to initiate a mechanism that will cleanse the atmosphere. [more info]
THE ABSENCE D: Alex DeMille - 29min. Narrative
A corporate bureaucrat is sent to a mysterious town, where he confronts the devastating consequences of his work and must choose whether to continue to obey his messianic boss. [more info]
GOD AND VODKA D: Daniel Stine - 29min. Narrative
A drama about a writer's final attempt to capture the words and moments, both touching and comedic, of a relationship that ended all to soon. [more info]

PROGRAM 04 -- 9:30pm -- TC 1   (100 min)

ANIMATION: A PALETTE OF POSSIBILITIES D: Angela Hinton - 16min. Documentary
A fascinating collection of stories, anecdotes, and insights from some of the best animators in the world today. Academy Award nominee Joe Hale, versatile artist Ron Dias, and others talk about their life work and give advice and encouragement to children thinking about a career in hand drawn animation. [more info]
SLIP CUE D: Robin Kupferman - 25min. Documentary
Internationally-renowned DJs such as DJ Sneak, the Freestylers, Krafty Kuts, Junior Vasquez, Telefon Tel Aviv, Kate Simko, Kenneth Thomas and Lady D, reveal how long-standing success in the electronic music industry is possible with enough practice and dedication. [more info]
HOW TO MAKE IT IN FILMMAKING D: Shanna Maurizi - 57min. Documentary
The story of irrepressibly ambitious Brooklyn director Ari Taub and the community that surrounds him. His strategy to get noticed by Hollywood is to make a war movie, period accurate, in three languages. So he embarks on a ten year odyssey of guerrilla filmmaking, along the way confronting cultural ideas of success and how one should (and shouldn't) achieve it. [more info]

PROGRAM 05 -- 9:45pm -- TC 2   (107min)

TWO  D: Ryan Gielen - 17min. Narrative
Sara has two vaginas. She's never been intimate with anyone...except her pillow. But when love peeks through her window (literally), Sara will find the courage to reveal herself. [more info]

VIRGIN ALEXANDER  D: Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon - 88min. Narrative
Alexander is a 26-year-old scrap hauler facing eviction. He meets Ruby, a marketing major, who needs money for college. Together they turn Alexander's foreclosed home into a brothel. Unfortunately for Alexander, he's a virgin and falling in love with Ruby - who's a prostitute. [more info]


PROGRAM 06 -- 7:00pm -- TC 2  (115min)

GAYBY D: Jonathan Lisecki - 12min. Narrative
A gay man and a straight woman decide to have a child together the old fashioned way. Warning: This film contains an incredibly awkward sex scene. [more info]

STAGS D: Jamie Greenberg - 101min. Narrative
Jack and his pals are NYC bachelors in their super-late 30's who have spent two decades chasing women and fleeing commitment. A childhood friend's sudden tragic marriage shakes up their world of sex and booze , and Jack realizes he just may be ready to commit-- to the one woman hopelessly out of reach. [more info]

PROGRAM 07 -- 9:30pm -- TC 1   (104min)

AMERICAN SWEETHEART   D:  Karin Binanto - 8min. Narrative
Clara discovers clues that her husband is cheating on her and bakes an elaborate, yet deadly cake to give him a taste of revenge. [more info]

THE CASSEROLE CLUB   D:  Steve Balderson - 94min. Narrative
A group of mod 1960's era suburban housewives, close-knit and neighborly, are all bent on one-upping each other, trying to prove that each is "the hostess with the mostess." They begin a recipe club, and hold dinner parties, testing out their new casseroles. But when the gatherings become increasingly focused on boozy flirtation, and more than recipes start getting swapped, the story moves swiftly from stylized and campy to a drama about irresponsibility, selfishness, and damaged people. [more info]


PROGRAM 08 -- 5:00pm -- TC 2   (100min)

PROPOSAL D: Chris King - 16min. Narrative
Haunted by memories of a love lost, a lonely man finally decides to move on with his life. With family wedding ring in hand, he gathers the last bit of courage he needs before asking the biggest question of his life. [more info]

A BRIDGE TO BOURNE D: David Gross - 19min. Narrative
Orin is a twenty four year old, who with his friend Barren, has fallen into a life of crime. At a spiritual crossroads while facing a close friend's death, Orin has decided to change the course of his illegal path and walk away for good. Barren suddenly finds himself in a life or death situation and only Orin can help. Orin is faced with the tough choice of going back in to save Barren's life or let him fall and face his own fate. [more info]

FLAGPOLE  D: Matt Kazman - 22min . Narrative
A film about boners and salami nipples...Just a typical day for 13-year old Zack - getting ripped on by his friends, ridiculed by the girls he's afraid to hook up with, and constantly thinking about his crush, Maddy Cohen. Quiet on the outside, he keeps his thoughts to himself, until today... [more info]

QUARTERS  D: Drew Mylrea - 18min. Narrative
After Evan's plan to take his best friend Chris on the cross country road-trip of a lifetime is derailed by Chris' girlfriend, he exacts sweet revenge using a slip-n-slide and cupcakes. [more info]

WAKING WALLBAUER  D: Sarah Johnson - 25min. Narrative
Gene Wallbauer, a southern California letter carrier, is blackmailed by a 14 year-old boy when he is discovered selling weed on his route. Unable to produce any money - and realizing what is at stake - a bewildered Gene turns inward to tap his dormant parts.  Asking himself... does he have what it takes to save his own skin. [more info]

PROGRAM 09 -- 7:30 pm -- TC 1   (98min)

THE GHOSTS  D: Eddie O'Keefe - 14min. Narrative
Kathy, a sheltered and sensitive teenage girl comes of age when her small sleepy suburb is turned upside down with the mysterious appearance of The Ghosts, a hell-bent greaser gang who emerge from a trash pile in a junk yard at the outskirts of town. After Kathy falls in love with Frank, the tough yet thoughtful leader of the gang, she is forced to stand up to the conservative town, her jealous ex-boyfriend, the Church and her Father in order to protect Frank, The Ghosts and her own emerging identity.

LEAVE D: Robert Celestino - 82min. Narrative
Henry Harper is a successful novelist who has it all. But after surviving a recent trauma he finds himself haunted by a dream that terrifies him. Convinced that the only way to understand what the dream means is to write his way through it, Henry decides to go to a remote second home to begin work on his next novel, a thriller. While on his way there he encounters a strangely familiar drifter who confronts him with information that threatens to turn everything he knows to be true, upside down. [more info]

PROGRAM 10 -- 9:45pm -- TC 2   (91min)

run. D: TJ Thyne - 2min. Narrative
That exhilarating moments of complete freedom where one feels unstoppable met head-on by the circumstantial truth of being pulled out of "fantasy land" and quickly backs to the immediacy of reality. [more info]

ONTOLOGICA! or A Brief Explanation of Absolutely Everything that is Known about Absolutely Everything  D: Skylar Gordon - 97min. Experimental **
Virtually every major area of human knowledge and experience is explored. Including, but not limited to: cosmology, quantum physics, evolutionary biology, spirituality, sexuality, neurology, philosophy, and cucumber-ology. All ideas and concepts are explored in an original, entertaining, and artistic way. It even has giraffes in it. [more info]

** WARNING: This film contains mature subject matter and explicit scenes of sexuality that would certainly qualify it for an NC-17 rating. No one under 17 will be admitted to this screening.


PROGRAM 11 -- 5:00pm -- TC 2   (110min)

AFTER-SCHOOL SPECIAL D: Jacob Chase - 9min. Narrative Short
What do we really know about the people around us? A man and a woman have an awkward encounter at an indoor playground in this Neil LaBute penned slice-of-life starring Sarah Paulson and Wes Bentley. [more info]

TOUCH D: Jen McGowan - 11min. Narrative
Sometimes, the most personal connection in your life occurs with a complete stranger. [more info]
FALLING OVERNIGHT  D: Conrad Jackson - 90min. Narrative
Twenty-four hours before life-threatening surgery, Elliot meets Chloe, an aspiring photographer who invites him to her art show. Scared and alone, Elliot welcomes the distraction. As the night descends, Chloe takes Elliot on an intimate and exhilarating journey through the city. But as morning approaches, and Chloe learns of Elliot's condition, the magic of the night unravels and they must together face the uncertainty of Elliot's future. [more info]

CLOSING NIGHT AWARDS & 5X5 SHOW -- 7:30pm -- TC 2   (55min)

NOTE: Although this is a FREE PROGRAM that is open to the public, FILMMAKER, PRESS, & INDUSTRY badge holders will receive priority and guaranteed seating. Reservations for a "free admission ticket" must be established with reps at our HOSPITALITY DESK, which will be located in the Main Lobby of Tribeca Cinemas and will be open daily at 6pm, throughout the duration of the film festival - June 22-26.

VF alumni unveil their digital shorts (each running approx. 5 minutes) created from the 5 Short Script Competition winners, in this world premiere screening of the ambitious filmmaking initiative, started in 2003, with the introduction of the Domani Vision Film Society.

This year's line-up (listed in alphabetical order, by title)
EASY PREY by Jeremiah Kipp; from a script by Tara Parian.
IT'S NOT SATURDAY by Martha Pinson; from a script by Annette Beatrice
IT WAS A GIRL by Mickey Pacula; from a script by Max King
SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER by Maggie Low; from a script by Sara Bovolenta
SO AWKWARD by Debra Sophia Pingitore; from a script by Matthew Stevens

VISIONFEST 11 honors its participating filmmakers with an awards ceremony that will also reveal the top three scripts from the VF11 Feature Screenwriting Competition.

Mingle with everyone in the Tribeca Lounge, take some pics, and relax with a full cash bar, some complimentary hors douvres, drink specials, and cool DJ music.


2011 Line-Up in order of appearance: (88min)

This new Visionfest program is being offered as a complimentary addendum in our Waiting Lounges & Bar Area, presented on several LCD displays with full stereophonic sound. With the exception of the "works in progress" or "trailers" featured in this line-up, all other projects are eligible for award consideration and all have been submitted to our DVFS Jury for the final voting process. Details regarding these projects will also be included in the VF11 Commemorative Program Booklets, which will be distributed throughout the duration of the film festival to our attendees.

These projects were all chosen from works classified within the following categories:
animation, experimental, music video, trailers, and works in progress.

The program will play in continuous "looped" presentations from 6:30pm to 11pm from Thursday, June 23, thru Saturday, June 25. 

TRIBOLUMINESCENCE D: Benjamin Ridgway - 2 min. Experimental
An investigation of pulsating, revolving geometrical forms that unfold from an infinitely small origin point.

LOVELY DEMON: DEMONIC-REAPER CHRONICLES D: Rebecca Friedman - 2 min. Animation
A toy engineer is fed up with the current state of his career. Unknowingly while having a discussion with a cute girl, who shown an immense interest in his work, made a wish for success. Shortly after, He found himself thrown miraculously into the height of success. He found the reason for his success 10 years later that he made a deal with a Demonic-Reaper. Now his soul belongs to this "lovely"' loving Demonic- Reaper. She takes him back with her, where there is a society of Demonic-Reapers existing in a parallel dimension.

LAKE MANDALA D: Steve Wood - 3min. Experimental
A seascape is reconstructed as a pattern of concentric circles. Ambient sounds evoke the lakeshore, as the rhythmic form slowly expands, evolves, and transforms.

NICKCASEY - Medicine D: Jef Taylor & Michael Tisdale - 4 min. Music Video
A woman has an emotional breakdown in her apartment.

DESTRUCTION OF EVE D: Elischa Spies - 1.5min. Trailer
A serial killer strikes fear in the Boston area as Catholic School girls are found mutilated throughout the city.

NICKCASEY - Bandages D: Jef Taylor & Michael Tisdale - 7 min. Music Video
Nick and Casey share a house with five dancing women and one mysterious boy.

THE HIDDEN SISTER D: Zina Brown - 5min. Music Video
Elemental Goddesses are summoned in a mysterious, erotic, and fantastic ritual of dance and dreams.

HAUNTED MAZE D: Susan Engel - 1.5min. Trailer
In Panama Iowa, the town holds their annual Halloween Festival. This year a new attraction was added to the festivities... Clancy The Clown and his traveling carnival.

SIXTY IN 60 D: Ronnie Cramer - 60min. Experimental
Experimental art film featuring sixty one-minute works of many types. Genres represented include abstract, animation, documentary, experimental, narrative, stop-motion, time-lapse and video art.

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