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2012 Film Lineup

All VF12 screenings will be held at the Tribeca Cinemas (54 Varick Street, corner of Laight Street) - Tickets may be purchased online in advance. Instructions on how to purchase and obtain tickets will be available once you click the link to purchase your desired tickets. All seating is on a first come, first served basis and you must pick up your tickets at least 15 minutes prior to show time. No late seating will be allowed. All programs are preceded by the VF12 trailer and followed by a Q&A session with present cast/crew, whenever time allows.
General Admission - $12.00

The BUY TICKETS link will become inactive and will be replaced by a SOLD OUT tab once tickets are no longer available for a specific program. Scroll all the way down for details on our SIDEBAR VISION SHOWCASE, which is a collection of films being shown in a looped program throughout the duration of the film festival in our Bar Lounge & Waiting Areas.


PROGRAM 01 -- 8:00pm -- Tribeca Cinemas 2


RE:LEASE D: Michael Wiehart - 3min. Experimental
This musical travelogue through an atmospheric world, in black, white, and red blends live action and high speed liquids shots with 3D animation, to create a journey through an other-worldly environment, exploring the lyrical power of attraction and repulsion. [more info]

FAITH D: Erik Pagan - 12min. Narrative
During a stakeout, Mack & Eddie, longtime friends and partners on the NYPD, discover they share a secret that will destroy the bonds of trust and loyalty between them.

BROADWAY'S FINEST D: Stephen Marro - 88min. Narrative
Three struggling men impersonate New York City undercover cops and chase down a notorious drug dealer to get the authentic material they need to create their own cutting edge police drama.

Your Program 01 tickets will entitle you to admission to this after-party, which immediately follows the screening, as the audience spills out into the Tribeca Main Lounge. There will be a full cash bar available and some delicious drink specials, including the famous BLURRY VISION Martini. Independent Vision Award (IVA) nominations will be announced.


PROGRAM 02 -- 7:00pm -- TC 2 (91min)

LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX D: Shu-Hsuan Lin - 4min. Animated
Simon is a workaholic without any social contact. Gradually his world becomes smaller and smaller and even at the very end, there is nothing left in his world but only his work. This severe impact finally wakes him up and now Simon has to find the right way to bring his life back before everything is too late.

THE STRONGER D: Gabrielle Lansner - 10min. Experimental
An emotional and psychological journey unfolds as we are drawn into the interior worlds of two women who are in love with the same man. Without dialogue, the story is told entirely through subtle, but emotionally charged choreography, juxtaposed with realistic vignettes. [more info]

PEACE AT HOME D: Avital Epstein - 9min. Narrative
When recent high school graduate David discovers that his mother is sleeping with a neighbor, he must battle his feelings of betrayal and anger. As he struggles to make peace with his family's imperfections, he finds himself making a life-changing decision. [more info]

IN MONTAUK D: Kim Cummings - 68min. Narrative
A woman at a crossroads. The man who incites her passion. Anything can happen... In Montauk. [more info]

PROGRAM 03 -- 7:30pm -- TC 1 (90min)

NASA D: Carlos Florez - 1min. Experimental
This short film remembers a time when sending a man to the moon was a great hope for Humanity and the symbol of the USA victory over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, but also questions if our continued use of science will serve the betterment of our humanity or the destruction of ourselves and our universe. [more info]

FOLLOW THE SUN! D: MK12 - 4min. Experimental
While we have a few minutes before the show, why not stop by our refreshment stand... We have all kinds of tasty treats -- delicious pizza, ice-cold refreshments, fresh popcorn and Milk Bombs! Tempt your taste buds today with our selection of sweets and all-American beef products! Popcorn for all eternity! Hell's on it's way!

Diagnosed with two, micro-rare, fatal blood diseases, All-American, All-Ivy, Princeton University football star, Jordan Culbreath, battles life and death with the hope of recovery and a miraculous return to football. [more info]

UMBERTO E D: Anton Evangelista - 45min. Documentary
The epic story of Umberto Evangelista tells of a dynamic and charming ninety-year-old Italian immigrant living in New York City and his real life Cinderella tale - choosing love and forgiveness as his weapons of "revenge." **SCREENING OUT OF COMPETITION**

PROGRAM 04 -- 9:30pm -- TC 2 (110 min)

SEKSO D: Carlos Florez - 2min. Experimental
A young homeless man in the city fails to adapt to the organized matrix of our society and becomes invisible to our eyes- literally - when his body breaks apart and multiplies. [more info]

3 NEEDS D: Aksel Stasny - 9min. Narrative
A desperate family sneaks into a New York apartment, unaware of its elderly occupant and what he hides from them. [more info]

DATE NIGHT D: Joops Fragale - 15min. Narrative
He was everything she imagined. An unexpected night offers the truth about the perfect dream date in this black comedy short. [more info]

WEBCAM D: Branden Kramer, Jan Jaworski, Stefan Haverkamp, Tom Kropp - 8min. Narrative
A young girl is unaware that she's being watched through her webcam by an obsessed hacker.

ELKO D: Alexander Yan - 14min. Narrative
An internet-obsessed boy in rural Nevada takes advantage of a stranger's online request that somebody murder her.

LEGACY D: Ejaz Khan - 17min. Narrative
A mother and her eleven year old daughter only know a life of poverty and living in run down motels. Their fate is to descend further into misery and secluded sadness.

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY D: Misha Spivack - 44min. Narrative
The story of a young man who follows a girl from Boston to New York City, this short maps the intertwined and complex network of connections, casual friendships and pesky love-triangles that keep Alex a perpetual arm's length away from Nyle. [more info]


PROGRAM 05 -- 7:00pm -- TC 2 (104min)

LADY AND THE OSTRICH D: Jeremy Feig - 3min. Animated
This animated poem is about a lonely woman and a giant bird who find love... with each other.

I KILL FLOWERS TO SAVE THE WORLD D: Dee Robertson - 7min. Narrative
Sarah kills flowers to save the world. [more info]

GROUNDED D: Kevin Margo, Barrett Meeker - 8min. Narrative
This is one astronaut's journey through space and life ends on a hostile exosolar planet.

THE MAIDEN AND THE PRINCESS D: Ali Scher - 18min. Narrative
In the heart of London a young girl searches for herself amidst a musical fairytale. [more info]

DOUBLE OR NOTHING D: Nathaniel Krause - 10min. Narrative
Clark and Becca leave a bar after a night out with friends. When a homeless man approaches them on the street, Clark gets an idea. Adam Brody, Louisa Krause and Keith David star in this dark comedy by master playwright, Neil LaBute.

THE DARKNESS IS CLOSE BEHIND D: Sheena McCann - 20min. Narrative
A teenage boy anxiously watches over his meth cook father and his little brother - but his vigilance is wearing thin.

NARCOCORRIDO D: Ryan Prows - 23min. Narrative
Narcocorrido -- The drug ballad of a gravely ill border cop's reckless heist of a cartel shipment, sung by a desperate soul destroyed in her wake. [more info]

PROGRAM 06 -- 9:45pm -- TC 2 (93min)


THE HUNGRY BOY D: Cem Kurtulus, Jacob Nelson - 5min. Animated
In this animated short, a series of paintings follows a stream of consciousness - 'The Hungry Boy' on a quest for his next meal. In order to find his way to the family supper, he lives a whole life in seconds and overcomes challenges against his own existence.

LAST SEEN ON DOLORES STREET D: Devi Snively - 4min. Narrative
In a hard-boiled town, a heartbroken woman says goodbye to an old pet and hello to a new nightmare. [more info]

CULTURE SHOCK D: Steve Balderson - 84min. Narrative Feature
Four American college grads take their first trip overseas and get caught in an international crime ring. It's an action-packed thrill ride with humour, intrigue, and tweets. [more info]


PROGRAM 07 -- 6:00pm -- TC 2 (105min)

THE GENERALS' WIN D: Eric Poydar - 2min. Work In Progress / Trailer
Trailer for a documentary about the Harlem Globetrotters longtime rival -- The Washington Generals -- and their controversial lone victory over the Trotters on January 5th, 1971.

CARBON FOR WATER D: Carmen Elsa Lopez Abramson, Evan Abramson - 22min. Documentary Short
In Kenya's Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated. The wood many Kenyans use to boil this water to make it safe is increasingly valuable. Women and girls, who bear the responsibility for finding water and fuel, often miss school or work while seeking both fuel and water. Some even encounter sexual violence. Yet waterborne illness remains a daily--and life-threatening--reality for them and their families. "Carbon For Water" introduces audiences to the inspiring people who face these hardships, and explores one company's innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans and the environment in which they live. [more info]

DISLECKSIA: THE MOVIE D: Harvey Hubbell V - 81min. Documentary Feature
Filmmaker Harvey Hubbell V is one of 35 million Americans who have dyslexia. Hubbell journeys across the USA to learn more about the condition, and discovers that scientists are close to unlocking the secrets of dyslexia, which is the key to teaching everyone how to read, and stamping out illiteracy. [more info]

**Special Panel Discussion and a Q&A with various surprise guests will follow. A portion of the proceeds from this program will be forwarded to a Charitable Organization (yet t.b.a.)**

PROGRAM 08 -- 9:45 pm -- TC 2 (98min)

KICKIT D: Carlos Florez - 2min. Experimental
Now, here's a crazy girl and her love/ hate relationship with her reflection through a printer. [more info]

WEB OF LIES D: Kathryn Gould, Nelson Goforth - 10min. Narrative
A man on the edge, a woman with a past, a cop with a secret... all add up to a 'Web of Lies'. [more info]

THE KOOK D: Nat Livingston Johnson, Gregory Mitnick - 18min. Narrative
Fa is a gentle and unassuming member of an eccentric religious sect in the Catskill Mountains. On the eve of her group's scheduled 'departure from Earth', Fa discovers that their alien leader, who appears to them as a hologram transmitted from a far off galaxy, is crossing signals with a man named Malcolm, who lives nearby. Fa sets out alone into the 'real world' to find Malcolm and get to the bottom of this perplexing and untimely miscommunication. [more info]

MOUTHFUL D: Robert Putka - 11min. Narrative
An honest comedy about honesty... and dicks. Bobby and Bliss are a happy couple, that is, until they begin to say things better left unsaid. A single question leads them down a highway to relationship hell. [more info]

CAMP CASSEROLE D: Anthony Pedone - 66min. Documentary
A peek behind scenes of a movie set wrought with as many pleasant surprises as a Russian Nesting Doll. [more info]


PROGRAM 09 -- 4:00pm -- TC 1 (105min)

BEHIND THE SCENE D: Yousheng Tang - 10min. Narrative
A celebration of film making and the people behind the scene who make it happen. Utilizing Steadicam for a one long take, the film takes you on a ride through the process of making a film.

In 2008, Polaroid announced it would stop producing instant film. This is the story of the photographers who mourned it, those who wanted to save it, and the man crazy enough to try. [more info]

PROGRAM 10 -- 5:00pm -- TC 2 (105min)


Encore Presentation of
RE:LEASE D: Michael Wiehart - 3min. Experimental Short
This musical travelogue through an atmospheric world, in black, white, and red blends live action and high speed liquids shots with 3D animation, to create a journey through an other-worldly environment, exploring the lyrical power of attraction and repulsion. [more info]

THE CARRIER D: Scott Schaeffer - 18min. Narrative
A grieving mother deals with the loss of her philandering son. She discovers a secret that will profoundly influence her life, the lives around her, and ultimately a new understanding of her son. Stars Rita Wilson, Chad Michael Murray, and Academy Award winner, Anna Paquin. [more info]

FALLING UPHILL D: Richard Bosner - 84min. Narrative
Robert asks Jenny, a girl he found on Craigslist, to be his new roommate. Now after a year of living together, he finds himself falling in love with her, but his ability to keep afloat in San Francisco is coming to an end. With a lame job and not enough income, he has no choice but to move back with his parents in Rochester, NY. With only three days until his flight home, Robert struggles to tell Jenny his true feelings and to determine what direction his life is headed. [more info]

PROGRAM 11 -- 6:00pm -- TC 1 (60min)

A special presentation of the Domani Vision Film Society and Small Town Pictures

Special Uninterrupted Presentation of the 2012 5x5 New York State of Mind Digital Project

INDEPENDENT VISION AWARDS & 5X5 -- 7:45pm -- TC 2 (60min)

NOTE: Although this is a FREE PROGRAM that is open to the public, FILMMAKER, PRESS, & INDUSTRY badge holders will receive priority and guaranteed seating. Reservations for a "free admission ticket" must be established with reps at our HOSPITALITY DESK, which will be located in the Main Lobby of Tribeca Cinemas and will be open daily at 6pm, throughout the duration of the film festival - June 20-24.

VF alumni add other selected filmmakers unveil their digital shorts (each running approx. 5 minutes) created from the 5 Short Script Competition winners, in this world premiere screening of the ambitious filmmaking initiative, started in 2003.

This year's line-up, aka "The 5 Boroughs" (listed in alphabetical order, by title)

ANIMAL ATTRACTION by Bryan Norton; from a script by Randy Brown.
GOOD SAMARITAN by Jon Carlos Evans; from a script by Randy Brown
HOUSTON & 6TH by Roald Graves; from a script by Jackson Wade
OPEN CALL by Geoff Lerer; from a script by Nicholas Begnaud
I HEART STATEN ISLAND by Jef Taylor; from a script by Alexander Jorgensen

VISIONFEST 12 honors its participating filmmakers with an awards ceremony that will also reveal the top three scripts from the VF12 Feature Screenwriting Competition.

Mingle with everyone in the Tribeca Lounge, take some pics, and relax with a full cash bar, some complimentary hors douvres, drink specials, and cool DJ music.


2012 Line-Up in order of screening (34min)

This Visionfest program is being offered as a complimentary addendum in our Waiting Lounges & Bar Area, presented on several LCD displays with full stereophonic sound. All projects are eligible for award consideration and all have been submitted to our DVFS Jury for the final voting process. Details regarding these projects will also be included in the VF12 Commemorative Program Booklets, which will be distributed throughout the duration of the film festival to our attendees.

These projects were all chosen from works classified within the following categories:
animation, experimental, music video, trailers, and works in progress.

The program will play in continuous "looped" presentations from 6:30pm to 11pm from Thursday, June 21, thru Saturday, June 23.

CELLULAR CIRCUITRY D: Benjamin Ridgway - 2 min. Experimental
Cellular Circuitry is a stream of digital sculptures and sounds that dynamically transmute between organic and circuit like motifs.

STRONG IS BEAUTIFUL D: Dewey Nicks - 4 min. Experimental
Film maker Dewey Nicks presents the culmination of his year long project for the Women's Tennis Association's Strong Is Beautiful Campaign, a dazzling short featuring Serena Williams, Li Na and current world number one Caroline Wozniacki. In all, 40 of the biggest names in the women's game were documented in Nicks' dramatic film. Shot with a 600-frames-per-second Phantom EFX camera, in temperatures over 100 degrees, the stars were captured fresh from battle in between rounds at tournaments across the US. Seeking to champion each player's unique strengths, Nicks highlighted their signature strokes in slow motion. Proclaiming it to be the best project he has ever worked on, the enthusiastic Nicks held nothing back, even taking a ball to the neck to get the perfect shot.

PERCEPTIO D: Brendan Gabriel Murphy - 14min. Experimental
This is the surreal journey seen through the cold white eyes of our protagonist Viola. Through a dream-like fantasy interpretation of dying, Viola experiences the powerful seduction of the Angel of Death. Her vulnerability causes her to cross over taking her deeper into the darkness. But through pure strength and determination her soul suddenly breaks free of Death's grasp, and continues to go on living.

1609 D: Michael McKowen - 7 min. Experimental
A man's obsession for a magic box leads him to a mysterious world populated by demons and desires

CYCLE OF LIFE  D:Gerald Guthrie - 7min. Experimental

Digital animation that employs a metaphor of botanical growth to represent human stages of life.


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